Finding Wisdom in Teeth

There’s no use in pretending otherwise—taking care of one’s teeth has traditionally been, well, annoying. The twice-daily brushing regiment feels tedious, so many of us do it poorly and inconsistently. Going to the dentist is not particularly enjoyable and sometimes even painful, so we loathe that too.

Dental care brands don’t do much to resolve this negativity—one of the most dentist-recommended ways to care for your teeth is by using an electric toothbrush and even that is straight-up inconvenient! You’re dealing with a toothbrush that’s inexplicably bulky, has a cumbersome corded charger, and requires very expensive replacement heads. Despite this, Philips and P&G have cornered 85% of the electric toothbrush market; the next closest competitor has 0.4%. Who’s audacious enough to sink their teeth into that challenge?

Quip, that’s who.

Read more about Quip’s marketing strategy on Hblog.

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