The Faces of Women in Tech at Publicis Health Media

Women are still vastly outnumbered by men in tech, but that’s not the case at Publicis Health Media.

The lack of gender parity in the U.S. tech sector is well-documented. A quick search will bring up countless articles about low representation in the workforce and unbalanced enrollment in technical education programs. At Publicis Health Media, however, our best and brightest female leaders are proving it’s about more than just the degree.

Eleanor Bowman, Chatigny Imburgia and Lauren Stedman majored in nursing, nonprofit management and sports communications, never having envisioned careers in digital advertising. A desire for change brought each of them to PHM, but it was their drive, leadership and insatiable curiosity that made them each a success story.

At Publicis Health Media, we have chosen to turn our focus away from traditional notions of who’s “most qualified” on paper alone. While previous experience in a technical role is undoubtedly helpful to have on one’s resume, we’ve found that ultimately these are smaller determinants of job success than one might expect.

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