The TEDMED Experience: When Chaos Brings Clarity

by Lyn Falconio

Publicis Health’s Chief Marketing Officer explains how to create clarity through storytelling, leadership, and staying true to your mission.

Each year I commit to a variety of very different professional conferences and development experiences. This year, I attended TEDMED for the first time. While I expected TEDMED to be different, I did not expect the impact the stories would have on opening my thinking, or how they made me feel. Over two days, I heard from individuals genuinely dedicated to creating better lives for people across the globe; people who have made it their life’s mission to impact others, for good.

The 2018 theme was Chaos + Clarity and TEDMED could not have chosen a more appropriate theme for this year. Healthcare is changing fast, and “Chaos + Clarity” — this idea that it often takes a significant disruption, a catastrophic event, or a period of hair-pulling uncertainty before the next great thing can surface clearly — is one we can link to what drives us personally, our businesses, teams, and innovation forward.

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